Datatel Telephone Payment Solutions Partners With Caledon Card Services

Datatel Telephone Payment Solutions Partners With Caledon Card Services, To Deliver Credit Card Processing Through All Major Canadian Merchant Acquirer and Processors

Datatel Inc., a leader in hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Payment solutions, announced today it has partnered with Caledon Card Services, to deliver IVR credit card processing solutions to businesses and organizations that accept electronic payments over the phone.

Datatel has integrated the Caledon Card Services gateway with its Hosted IVR Telephone Payment Gateway solution, providing organizations with a safe, fast, convenient and affordable way to accept credit cards and other electronic payments over the phone, any time day or night. This joint solution, supports processing of credit card payments through all major Canadian credit card acquirer and processors. In addition, the joint solution is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry's (PCI) stringent security standards.

"This partnership represents our continued commitment to deliver innovative payment solutions to businesses across Canada", said Marcus Dagenais, VP Sales and Marketing, Caledon Card Services. "We're delighted that, together with Datatel, we can offer convenient, cost-effective Telephone IVR payment solutions."

"We are excited to be working with Caledon, one of Canada's leading payment gateways, to remove the barriers that have prevented organizations from cost-effectively implementing PCI compliant payments by phone. Through our partnership with Caledon, we are now able to process payments through all major Canadian processors", said Barnard Crespi, CEO of Datatel. "

Because Datatel's PCI Ready Telephone Payment Gateway is a hosted solution, implementation does not require special hardware or software licenses, or customized development. Furthermore, Datatel maintains the telecommunications hardware and infrastructure, reducing expenses and ensuring rapid and worry-free implementation.

About Caledon Card Services
Caledon Card Services provides PCI compliant internet gateway payment processing for merchants across North America and Europe. Specializing in custom ecommerce integrations, tokenization and all card-not-present (CNP) environments, Caledon processes more than 50 million transactions worth over $4.2 billion each year. A pioneer in its space, Caledon processed Canada's first web originated credit card transaction back in 1997. Now as a full Canadian merchant acquirer, Caledon's primary strategy continues to focus on providing secure, innovative, and niche type payment processing solutions for card brands, merchants, and partners alike. For more information, please visit

About Datatel
Datatel helps businesses, academic institutions and organizations automate the processing of credit card payments for products and services over the telephone 24/7, while meeting the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security requirements. Datatel's IVR services are employed by business and service providers to automate a wide range of customer interactions over the telephone. For additional information, please visit